Take a peek into one driver's opinions and challenges

Depending on who you ask, the new era of required ELDs is having an impact on drivers.  Some say it's not the ELDs that are the issue, but the hours of service that make it difficult when delays are inevitable.  Others we interviewed said if you schedule your time properly, there are no problems. It's an on-going debate.


Igor is a dedicated, long-time driver with a late model truck and a new ELD in place.  He has an excellent driving record and loves what he does. He's been stopped once and checked, and although he had everything in place, he received a warning because his particular model of ELD was unable to download the proper log records to the inspector's e-mail, on the spot. Even though he did not receive a ticket, (he has until April 1, 2018 to get this glitch worked out with his ELD provider), it took almost 2 hours out of his drive-time. Watch the video to hear Igor's thoughts on ELDs and hours of service. 

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What are your thoughts?

  • Do you agree that adopting new technology, like ELDs, is important in today's logistics?
  • Should the FSCMA be more flexibile on mandatory break times within the HOS? 
  • Are the new ELDs helping keep driver's safe?


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