How Choptank Transport Helps New Horizon Baking Company Keep “Rolling”

New Horizon Baking Company has been in business for over fifty years, providing a variety of freshly baked rolls, breads, and English muffins to service restaurants like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania. In the last several years, however, the business and its logistics have changed with the company’s growth. According to Jim Lewis, the director of transportation at the company’s headquarters, “We do much more linehaul loads today as opposed to multi-stop deliveries which we used to do with our own trucks. This change has caused us to lean on our 3PL partners more than we had in the past.”


Lewis explains that although most of their shipments are scheduled in advance by at least seven days, “there are times when last-minute needs occur, usually stemming from raw ingredient shortages.” Now that New Horizon depends on 3PLs for much of their inbound and outbound freight, timing is everything. If ingredients are missing from the production line when the company needs to produce a shipment for customer orders, it can cost the business thousands of dollars in lost revenue and wages for downtime, not to mention the cost of integrity and reliability that the well-established company has spent decades developing.


New Horizon customers include some of the biggest brand names in the fast-food industry. Part of the company’s business success can be attributed to its track record of on-time and intact deliveries. Choptank Transport has played a vital role in helping Lewis with any last-minute inbound or outbound freight moves. “We have been pleased with the service we have received from Choptank. Our sales representative does not overpromise when we make requests for quick turnaround times. She checks and then double-checks to be sure she can (or cannot) meet the limited time window. On the occasion when there is an issue, we can always count on her to keep us informed, no matter what the circumstance.”

In addition to providing quick service for shippers like New Horizon, Choptank Transport has a new customer portal explicitly designed for transparency and visibility, two attributes shippers care most about these days. This window into their own freight movement is extremely helpful when a shipper needs to know the exact location of their freight at any given time. They can log into the Orbit TI product with a secure user name and password and see where the truck is along the route with its estimated ETA. Lewis comments, “I do enjoy the ability to check on my loads at any given time of day.”

Through Orbit TI, they are also able to view their own shipping statistics over the last 60 days, including a 98% on-time delivery rate, $0.00 detention paid, with an 85.83% average capacity utilization metric, (indicating how much of the truck’s space is being utilized by cargo versus empty space).


The result of Choptank’s ability to provide quick action and reliable service has given Jim Lewis and New Horizon Baking Company a peace of mind they wouldn’t necessarily get with other 3PLs. By keeping production rolling and product delivered as scheduled, they are positioned to perform above their competition while strategically setting the company up for further growth, performance and profitability.

About New Horizons: Founded in 1967 as West Baking Company, Genesis Bakery Co (New Horizons Baking Company affiliate) has increased its state-of-the-art facility to currently serve over 2,000 quick-service restaurants across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania as well as national retail and sandwich makers.